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And I'm going to release it on Amazon on the 31st of May! Science fiction/dystopian.

If you're at all interested, you can check out the first two chapters which I have hosted here:

Also, if you want to find out when the book is released on amazon, check out this page, where you can sign up for updates:…

The novel will be free for a few days once I launch it, so if you sign up at the link above, you'll know exactly when this is and won't miss out. ;)

Please also feel free to share the sign up link with any of your friends who you think might be interested.
It had happened. It had finally happened.

Guy put his head into his hands. He was handcuffed to a table in one of the Megadale police department’s interview rooms. He’d been arrested no more than an hour ago – by his father no less. And he had been arrested as SheZow.

Luckily, Maz had had the sense to bolt. But the Shehicle was in the police impound. SheZow’s hair was a mess. The only plus was they had yet wrangle from him his true identity. But that would be soon in coming. Guy groaned and thunked his head against the table top. “Dad is going to kill me. He’s going to kill me and then he’s going to ground me forever!”

The door to the interview room opened. It wasn’t his father, thank God. The woman who entered was dressed in a smart business suit. She looked perhaps forty, with long dark hair, and she had a folder tucked under one arm. At first, her expression was grim, and then she smiled faintly. “I’m Detective Johansson. It seems your exploits have finally caught up with you, SheZow.” She raised an eyebrow. “Or is there something else I can call you?”

Yeah, like he was that stupid. “SheZow is fine.”

Johansson shrugged and slipped into the chair opposite him. She tossed the folder onto the table. It made a heavy thump as it landed. It was at least an inch thick. “You know why you’re here, right?”

Guy sighed, blowing a bedraggled strand of hair back from his face. “I know I probably shouldn’t have taken the Shehicle through that wind tunnel.”

“Probably not.”

“But if you wanted Coldfinger to bury half of Megadale under six feet of snow, I suppose I could’ve skipped that.”

“Hmm.” Johansson smiled at him.

Guy frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“No, we don’t want Megadale beneath six feet of snow. You’re right. However, you did cause a lot of damage, and that’s the problem.”

Guy let out an exasperated huff. “I’m constantly helping you guys, why do you hate me so much? It’s Shediculous! Now I’m in trouble?! I’m just trying to help.”

“Then let me help you.”

Guy eyed the woman suspiciously. “How...?”

“Cards on the table? I can have the charges against you dropped. And I can have your vehicle…”

“It’s called the Shehicle.”

“…you’re Shehicle returned to you.”

It almost sounded too good to be true. “And you don’t want to know my identity?”

Johansson shook her head. “Nope. But only if you do something for me.”

“Yeah?” Guy leaned forward onto the table. He didn’t know what she wanted, not yet. But if it avoided his father finding out about his double life, he was all ears.

Johansson leaned forward as well. “I actually think you help Megadale a lot. There’re some villains our department simply does not have the resources to take down. But you do. The only problem…”

“I break things.”

“Basically, yes.”

Guy ran a hand through his hair subconsciously. He couldn’t really mess it up any more than it was already. “I’m not sure I can promise to stop breaking things. It just kind of happens.”

“That’s not what I want. You do good, but you’re a loose cannon. I think I can help you fix that.”

Guy chewed his lip. He wasn’t sure he liked where this was going. But he had little choice. He couldn’t let his identity be discovered. His Dad would be furious. And then his family would probably have to move to the moon. He drew in a breath. “Okay, tell me what it is you want me to do.”


Boxter was giddy with all the attention. Finally, he was getting a bit of recognition! He still couldn’t believe he’d managed to catch SheZow. It hadn’t really been any great feat. He’d simply hustled the dazed heroine into the back of his police vehicle before she’d had a chance to realise what was happening. All through the drive back to the station he’d been waiting for the back of the car to be rocked as she shot off through the roof, or out the back windscreen. But it hadn’t happened; her hair was a mess, and it seemed that was enough to keep her contained.

Sure, she’d rattled the metal grate partition, begged him to let her go, and finally called him a ‘big meanie’. That had only made Boxter start laughing. In response she’d stopped making a racket and sat in the back seat pouting. Hell, he’d had more troublesome drunks in there.

“Yeah, so I told her we’d had enough of her mucking around in police business. I seriously doubt we have to worry about cleaning up SheZow’s messes anymore.” Boxter leaned back on a nearby desk. He had the undivided attention of nearly every officer in the station. Of course, some of that attention may have been because someone had been down to the supermarket and brought in a cake. But if the cake was for him, as far as Boxter was concerned any attention focused on that cake could also be legitimately counted.

Wackerman clapped him hard on the shoulder. “Well, it’s about time, buddy. SheZow’s been bugging you for months.”

“Yeah, and we hear all about it,” one of the other officers added. He cracked a smile and raised a plastic wine glass filled to the brim with orange juice. “Let’s hear it for Hamdon!”

A cheer went up from the other officers. Wackerman’s voice was muffled slightly by a mouthful of cake.

“I wouldn’t celebrate just yet.” Detective Johansson came into the room.

She was followed closely by a sheepish-looking SheZow. The heroine’s hair still looked a little ruffled.

“It’s okay, we’ve saved you some cake!” said Wackerman, spitting cake crumbs.

SheZow met Boxter’s eye, and Boxter smirked. “About time we got you, SheZow. What’s wrong, not as invincible as you thought you were?” He frowned, and took his weight off the desk. “Hey… where are her handcuffs?”

Johansson raised a hand. “Settle down, Hamdon. I’ve got her under control.”

Boxter glared at SheZow. She didn’t seem to be trying to escape. He allowed some of the tension to drain from his shoulders, but he was still wary. “So what’s going on then? You got a confession out of her already? Convinced her to tell us who she really is?”

“Not exactly.” Johansson drew in a breath. “I’ve had a chat with SheZow and we’ve come to an agreement. We’ve made a deal to drop all charges on the condition that…”

“What?!” Boxter exploded. He knew it! He knew it was too good to be true! “Are you kidding me? What kind of bureaucratic nonsense is this?! You know the kind of trouble she causes; she trashes half of Megadale…”

“… saves your butt, does your job for you…” SheZow added under her breath.

“You stay out of this! Don’t you get it? We’ve finally got her!”

“Yes. So now that we have her we can teach her to protect Megadale without causing so much damage. We’ve got an opportunity here…”

“More like a disaster waiting to happen,” Boxter drawled. “You gonna set her loose? You want to take responsibility for that?”


“This is ridiculous! You sit behind a desk; you have no idea what she’s like!”

Behind him, Wackerman choked over his piece of cake.

Johansson barely seemed offended; she just raised an eyebrow. “You’re saying you’ve got a better idea what she’s capable of than I do?”


“You think you know how to take care of her better than me too, then?”

Boxter squared his shoulders. “Yeah… yeah, I think I do.”

Johansson nodded. “Good. This should work out perfectly then.”

That was not the response he had expected. Boxter suddenly had a very bad feeling in the pit of his gut. “What…?” he said, all the anger gone from his voice.

Johansson walked past him and picked up the last piece of cake from its plastic tray. “SheZow is going to be your new partner.” She took a bite of cake. “Congratulations.”

For a moment, Boxter just stared at her. Someone let out a short laugh, then snorted like they’d just inhaled orange juice.

“Hey, wait,” Boxter stuttered. “Don’t I get a say in this?!”

Johansson was already halfway back to her office. “Nope.”

Boxter stared a SheZow.

She waggled her fingers at him. “Um… hi… partner.”

“Can I request a transfer?” Boxter yelled across the office.


Boxter’s shoulders sagged. The other officers were starting to disperse. But then, Johansson had taken the last piece of cake.

“So who’s going to be my partner?” said Wackerman mournfully.

“No…” Boxter sank back against the desk behind him, putting a hand to his face. “Why me?”

“Um…” said SheZow. “Anyone in here got some hairspray?”
MDPD - Pink
Thought I'd upload the first chapter of a story I did a short while back. Boxter finally manages to arrest SheZow, but things don't exactly work out in his favour.

I'm only going to upload the first chapter to deviant art. I really don't like their system of hosting writing, especially if you write something large and/or with multiple chapters.

If you'd like to read the rest of this story, you can find it on fanfictionnet here:…

Please feel free to review either here or on fanfictionnet!
“That’s it Mocktopus! You’re going down!” Guy, as SheZow, threw himself at Mocktopus.
They fought in the main street, a grapple of tentacles and superheavy handed she slaps. And they were drawing attention.

The wail of police sirens cut through the air and a cruiser slid up with a screech of tyres.

“Oh, now look what you did!” Mocktopus screeched.

“Hey! You’re the one who started dumping fish bones in the…” Guy began, hands on hips.

Mocktopus used the opportunity to whip around a tentacle and send Guy spinning into a mound of trash bins.

“Hey!” Guy spluttered. He spat… something… out of his mouth; he didn’t want to know what. “Alright, no more Mr Nice Girl!” Guy jumped back to his feet, and then slipped back over into the trash. He was starting to feel like his hair may have taken a bit of a tussle when he’d crashed. “Wonderful…” Guy fumbled in his hair, trying to find what was up there messing it up.

The doors to the police cruiser slammed, and Officer Wackerman and Boxter leapt out.

“Oh great…” Guy growled. The last thing he needed was his father getting in the way. And… looking at him. He found something that felt unnervingly like a fish bone up in his curls. He gave it a tug and then yelped.

“Hey! MDPD!” Boxter shouted. “You’re under arrest!”

“Oh, shut it, piggy!” Mocktopus picked up a trash can from beside him and hurled it at the officers.

Wackerman and Boxter leapt out of the way as the can smashed into the bonnet of their cruiser and then flipped up over the roof, clattering to the other side of the street.

“Oh for crying out loud!” Boxter snapped, pushing himself to his feet. “That’s police property, you know that right? It’s expensive!”

“Do I look like I care?” Mocktopus snapped back, rearing up over Boxter.

“Da- Officer Hamdon!” Guy shouted. He tugged at the fish bone in his hair again, just managing to free it. He shuddered. “Don’t…”

But Boxter didn’t seem in the least bit perturbed. “I’m sick of this shit from the lot of you.” He pulled out a pistol from his belt and levelled it at Mocktopus. “I said,” he growled, “you’re under arrest.”

Mocktopus drew to a halt, holding himself back a little, staring down his nose at the pistol. Distaste mixed with a mild wariness.

“Yeah, that’s right, back down,” Boxter said, meeting Mocktopus’ steady gaze.

“You know,” Mocktopus said carefully. “You shouldn’t bring a gun to a tentacle fight.” And then quick as, snapped up a tentacle. It caught Boxter’s hand from beneath and slapped the gun out of it, then whipped itself around his arm and dragged him up into the air.

Something crunched in Boxter’s arm and he grunted; his face went almost dead white.

“Dad!” Guy shot to his feet, and fumbled in his belt for some shellac. He was still shaky on his feet.

Mocktopus whipped up his electrified tail and slapped Boxter across the chest.

“Hey!” Wackerman shouted, making a grab for his partner’s swinging body. A bolt of electricity jumped to him, slamming him back to the bonnet of the cruiser with a grunt. He pushed himself up with a determined scowl, but he’d been hurt enough he wasn’t game to go back in.

“I smell bacon,” Mocktopus cackled.

Boxter was slumped in the monster’s grip after the assault, panting, but he managed to crack open his eyes and glare at Mocktopus.

“Oh you want more, do you?”

Boxter swallowed.

Guy saw red. His laser lipstick was in his hands. He didn’t care he wasn’t at full strength. He swung himself up in the air, swung his body around, bringing his weapon in an arc with him. The laser lipstick cleaved clean through the tentacle wrapped around Boxter’s arm.

Mocktopus shrieked. He collapsed back on the ground in a flailing mess of withering tentacles, curling up and rolling over himself.

Wackerman scrambled off the bonnet of the cruiser and made a grab to catch Boxter. He just ended up being knocked to the ground under the larger man.

Guy landed and stumbled. Something warm had splattered across his chest. He wiped a hand across it to find green, gooey blood. He stomach churned and he flicked the mess off his hand.

Mocktopus ended his high pitched shriek in a little whimper, then half crawled, half floundered into an open manhole nearby. A faint splash sounded from below, and then nothing more.

Guy drew in deep breaths and turned to his father. “Da-,” he swallowed hard; tried to control his breathing. He was SheZow. He wasn’t supposed to care about some cop who hated his guts. “Officer Hamdon, are you alright?”

Wackerman had extricated himself from beneath Boxter, putting an arm around his back and keeping him seated upright.

Boxter was still panting, white as a sheet, and staring at the open manhole.

“Officer Hamdon…”

Boxter finally looked at him, swallowing hard. “What… what the hell got into you?”

“What do you mean?!” Guy burst out. “I just saved you!”

“You sliced off its bloody arm!” Boxter shouted, or tried to. His voice was wavering and thin.

“Hamdon,” said Wackerman. “We were in trouble; we needed her help. Sure you’re okay?”

Boxter shifted slightly, then grunted and hugged his arm to his chest. “Just call me a damn ambulance.” He glanced at the severed tentacle a few feet away, now flopping pathetically. “And please shoot that.”

Guy huffed. His heart had been hammering in his chest, but now the heavy beat was slowing. For a brief moment he’d worried Mocktopus would kill his Dad. He’d roughed him up pretty bad, but he still seemed with it enough to find fault. “Hey, I’m sorry. But you did get yourself in trouble there. I mean, pull a gun on him sure, but don’t do it so close!”

Some of the colour had come back to his father’s face. “I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m tired of this shit! All of you!” Boxter swore again and hugged himself, leaning hard back into Wackerman.

Guy took a half step forward, hand out for his father’s shoulder, before he remembered himself. “What’s that supposed to mean?” he said instead, pulling up short.

Boxter had to draw a few breaths before he could speak again. “If you weren’t fighting, I wouldn’t have to pull a gun on Mocktopus, would I? You think I actually wanted to use that?” he said, keeping his voice steady now. “And now you’re slicing off villains arms? You’ve got your bloody Guild, we tolerate you guys stepping all over everything… isn’t that enough for you? But not for you, SheCow. You won’t even follow their rules; you’ve got to break every damned thing you can.” He winced again, sucked in a breath. And then looked SheZow in the eye. “You think you’re above the law. You can’t just go around stopping villains with that… that kind of violence!”

Guy could feel heat rising in his cheeks. “Maybe next time I’ll just let him rip off yours.”

Boxter looked at him, panting. “Watch yourself. I’m starting to see less of a difference between you and the villains you seem to enjoy beating up so much.”

Guy could see red again. He bunched up his fists. Then just stomped his foot and let out a frustrated growl. “You stupid idiot! You need to learn some bloody gratitude!” He flew off into the sky before his father could respond.
I thought I'd post one of my SheZow stories. Just a short one. DA can be a bit annoying for posting up writing, but I figured it could handle just a short one.

SheZow gets a little carried away with fighting villains and freaks out Boxter.
Boxter/Droosha Doodles by hyperpsychomaniac
Boxter/Droosha Doodles
These two are just too cute not to post. They get points for parents actually having names in a kids show. And just getting cute scenes where they're by themselves together and just talk cutesy crap to each other. I ship them. XD

SheZow Fanart.
And I'm going to release it on Amazon on the 31st of May! Science fiction/dystopian.

If you're at all interested, you can check out the first two chapters which I have hosted here:

Also, if you want to find out when the book is released on amazon, check out this page, where you can sign up for updates:…

The novel will be free for a few days once I launch it, so if you sign up at the link above, you'll know exactly when this is and won't miss out. ;)

Please also feel free to share the sign up link with any of your friends who you think might be interested.


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