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The Guy Who Gets the Donuts - Chapter 1
Chase McCain stood in the Chief’s office of the Lego City Police Department, jaw hanging open. “Chief, you have got to be kidding me. You want me to work with… Frank?!”
“Yeah, Chief. Are you sure you’re not making a joke? Cause, no offense, you’re not very good at those. But if you really want me to work with Chase that would be amazing!” Frank’s voice rose half an octave, as well as several decibels in volume.
Chase groaned, and rubbed at his ear.
“No, Frank. I’m not making a joke. You’ll know when I’m making a joke,” said the Chief.
“If you got one of those little clown horns and honked that every time you did then everyone would know…”
“Seriously, Chief. Are you sure this is a good idea?” said Chase, reigning in the urge to raise his voice. “I mean, it’s Frank, he’s only good for…”
Frank beamed up at Chase, practically b
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SheZow Cuddles by hyperpsychomaniac SheZow Cuddles :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 10 0 Boxter's Coffee by hyperpsychomaniac Boxter's Coffee :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 6 0 More SheZow Doodles by hyperpsychomaniac More SheZow Doodles :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 4 0 SheZow and Monster Droosha by hyperpsychomaniac SheZow and Monster Droosha :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 5 2
MDPD - Pink
It had happened. It had finally happened.
Guy put his head into his hands. He was handcuffed to a table in one of the Megadale police department’s interview rooms. He’d been arrested no more than an hour ago – by his father no less. And he had been arrested as SheZow.
Luckily, Maz had had the sense to bolt. But the Shehicle was in the police impound. SheZow’s hair was a mess. The only plus was they had yet wrangle from him his true identity. But that would be soon in coming. Guy groaned and thunked his head against the table top. “Dad is going to kill me. He’s going to kill me and then he’s going to ground me forever!”
The door to the interview room opened. It wasn’t his father, thank God. The woman who entered was dressed in a smart business suit. She looked perhaps forty, with long dark hair, and she had a folder tucked under one arm. At first, her expression was grim, and then she smiled faintly. “I’m Detective Johans
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“That’s it Mocktopus! You’re going down!” Guy, as SheZow, threw himself at Mocktopus.
They fought in the main street, a grapple of tentacles and superheavy handed she slaps. And they were drawing attention.
The wail of police sirens cut through the air and a cruiser slid up with a screech of tyres.
“Oh, now look what you did!” Mocktopus screeched.
“Hey! You’re the one who started dumping fish bones in the…” Guy began, hands on hips.
Mocktopus used the opportunity to whip around a tentacle and send Guy spinning into a mound of trash bins.
“Hey!” Guy spluttered. He spat… something… out of his mouth; he didn’t want to know what. “Alright, no more Mr Nice Girl!” Guy jumped back to his feet, and then slipped back over into the trash. He was starting to feel like his hair may have taken a bit of a tussle when he’d crashed. “Wonderful…” Guy fumbled in his hair, trying
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Boxter/Droosha Doodles by hyperpsychomaniac Boxter/Droosha Doodles :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 5 0 SheZow Doodles by hyperpsychomaniac SheZow Doodles :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 10 9 Boxter is 100% Done by hyperpsychomaniac Boxter is 100% Done :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 4 2 SheZow by hyperpsychomaniac SheZow :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 16 5
The Lady of Light - Chapter 5
Marcus stared out at the expectant faces, his mind churning over. And stalling. Cortes had told him what to do before they'd arrived. Tell them about the machine and how they planned to use it. As if it were that easy. He had once been able to give riveting speeches on a whim, but that was in his past. As if taunting him, the memories of standing in front of the resistance all those years ago came flooding back. Now he was a completely different man. He stood in front of these people, not knowing what to say, and he felt like a fraud. This was not his resistance.
"Is that Marcus Farrell?" someone asked.
"It is," Cortes had come to stand beside him. Marcus wasn't sure if the man realised he was struggling, or was simply impatient. "And he apparently knows where we can find a machine we can use to defeat the Sphere."
"Um... yes. The machine." He had found his voice. At first it felt hoarse; Marcus still felt groggy and unsteady. What he really needed was a drink. "I hid the machine back.
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The Lady of Light - Chapter 4
Four hours ago...
"Cortes, are you serious? I am not staying on this rustbucket, doing nothing, whilst you chase down my husband!"
It had been a long journey, stretched out by the fact Mila was dead nervous. Being stuck with Cortes for the whole trip hadn't helped. She'd been angry with him initially, when he'd finally informed her he'd known of Marcus' whereabouts for nearly an entire year. He'd taken her outburst well enough; she figured he'd realised he'd done wrong by her. But that initial anger, coupled with the tediousness of being stuck on a ship with the same person for weeks, hunting Marcus down far too slowly for her liking, had built and built. Cortes' own moods were never the best and they'd simply riled and irritated each other to no end.
So it was when it came down to the crunch, they'd located the bloc Marcus was on, the very tavern with near enough certainty they had both agreed this was it, Cortes' unpredicted announcement that it might be best if he was the one
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The Lady of Light - Chapter 3
One week ago...
Dahlia had to admit, being behind the Saint Nazaire's wheel made her a lot more nervous than merely piloting the heavy vessel. When Cortes had left, taking Mila, on his undisclosed mission, he had left Dahlia in charge of the Saint Nazaire. It had been a bit of a learning curve. But it was nothing she couldn't handle. In truth, she had been becoming more and more frustrated with the task of simply being the ship's pilot. She was good at flying the Saint Nazaire. She knew that. Even Mahad had, begrudgingly, told her he thought she flew it better than he could. Of course, that being because he was more apt with a sleek, well balanced vessel, or so he'd proclaimed. Dahlia had simply rolled her eyes and smiled. Whilst there was still that cocky arrogance to him, things like admitting her aptitude for piloting the Saint Nazaire were dished out with almost as much frequency as his crowing about his own accomplishments. Mahad had grown up and, thankfully, learnt a few t
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The Lady of Light - Chapter 2
Two months ago...
The battle was fierce. Sphere ships whizzed about and fired upon the rebel fleet. It was chaos.
"Hard to starboard!"
"Aye, sir!" The response of the ship almost beat Dahlia's words, so quick was her reactions. The young woman's skills had increased vastly over the last few years, and the Saint Nazaire responded even faster then when Wayan had shared the task. Weapons fire hit where they had been but seconds before. Cortes gritted his teeth, and surveyed the sky in the brief reprieve.
Sphere vessels outnumbered theirs two to one. Luckily, most  of the Sphere's fleet were S22s. Fast and with a decent amount of firepower, but could be knocked from the sky under concentrated fire in seconds. Fireballs and plummeting debris was more or less equal for each side. Mosquitoes whined past the forward windows like a flock of birds endowed with the teeth of wolves. Under Wayan's command that ever growing fleet tore through vessels ten times thier size. Behind all this
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Mature content
Skyland Fanfic: First Blood :iconhyperpsychomaniac:hyperpsychomaniac 3 5

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Chase McCain stood in the Chief’s office of the Lego City Police Department, jaw hanging open. “Chief, you have got to be kidding me. You want me to work with… Frank?!”
“Yeah, Chief. Are you sure you’re not making a joke? Cause, no offense, you’re not very good at those. But if you really want me to work with Chase that would be amazing!” Frank’s voice rose half an octave, as well as several decibels in volume.
Chase groaned, and rubbed at his ear.
“No, Frank. I’m not making a joke. You’ll know when I’m making a joke,” said the Chief.
“If you got one of those little clown horns and honked that every time you did then everyone would know…”
“Seriously, Chief. Are you sure this is a good idea?” said Chase, reigning in the urge to raise his voice. “I mean, it’s Frank, he’s only good for…”
Frank beamed up at Chase, practically bouncing on his heels.
“Um, its field work. His talents lie… er… elsewhere?” Like shredding documents. Mostly because the entire point of that exercise was to destroy something. And Frank had lost three neck ties in that endeavour thus far.
Frank grabbed Chase’s sleeve and yanked it. “But, Chase. I can learn stuff from you. You’re the best. If I hang out with you I can learn how to take down criminals, and drive a police car.”
“You don’t know how to drive a police car? How did you pass training?”
“I mean, without breaking the car,” Frank lowered his voice. “That makes the Chief kind of mad.”
“Of course it makes me mad!” The Chief stood up and slammed a fist on his desk. “The only reason I’m doing this is because you two idiots caused a huge mess downtown. And yes, he can’t drive to save his life, so you can teach him that too!”
“The mess? That was Frank! And it was because you sent him for donuts.”
Frank rubbed at the back of his head. “Yeah, sorry about that.”
The Chief squeezed the bridge of his nose. “Gawd, why can’t I just fire you?”
Frank grinned. “Because you know I’m a good cop, and I think you secretly like me.”
“Must be very secretly, because I don’t even know about it.” The Chief lowered himself back into his chair. It wasn’t like he ever stayed in the fully upright position for long.
It certainly wasn’t any favour on the Chief’s part that kept Frank in a job. Rather, it was Frank’s parents. They were rich, and donated a fair bit of money to the police force. Which was an odd thing to ‘donate’ to. Unless your son was working there, and ran the risk of getting himself fired at least twice a week. They didn’t interfere a great deal that Chase could tell, but he was certain those donations were congruent on any breakages caused by Frank being largely overlooked. And that explained why the Chief tried to find other ways to punish Frank. What Chase couldn’t understand was why he was being dragged into this.
“Chief, he caused a mess because he went outside. And you want to send him outside again?”
“But you’ll be looking after him, won’t you? And you were supposed to go with him to get those donuts in the first place. You had to have a damned coffee break.”
Chase winced. He hadn’t wanted to take out Frank at all, that was true, hence why he’d disappeared. He’d already reached the five-minute limit of interaction with Frank he could handle for that day. Not to mention his skills were wasted going out for donuts. He frowned. “Hey, wait, my coffee breaks? All you do up here is eat donuts and sleep!”
“Point is, I don’t take coffee breaks.”
“Probably cause then you’d be too hyped up to take a nap…” Chase muttered. “This is hardly a punishment, I mean, look at him!” He gestured at Frank.
Frank’s grin faltered for barely an instant. “Punishment? Chase, this is going to be awesome.”
“Frank,” said the Chief. “Go down and see Officer Phillips. Get yourself fitted with a vest and something a bit more appropriate… don’t want you getting that tie stuck in a street cleaner, now do we?”
If Frank had been beaming before, now he looked like Christmas had come early. He certainly wouldn’t pass up on an opportunity to visit Ellie. He practically worshipped her, and she seemed the only person with the patience to handle him. “Yes, sir!” Frank saluted so enthusiastically, he was rubbing his forehead as he rushed out of the office.
“What the hell are you playing at?” Chase hissed once Frank was gone.
The Chief folded his arms. “Nothing, McCain. And this doesn’t leave this office, but you are actually pretty good at your job. You might be able to teach Honey a few things. You know he looks up to you.”
“I… wha… was that a complement?”
“Don’t get excited yet. Honey is a liability. You know that.”
“So don’t put him out on the streets! He’ll hurt himself, or someone else.”
“Exactly. So, you’ve got two choices: you can use that legendary McCain whatever-metal- that makes you so special, and teach Frank Honey to be a semi-functional cop. Or get rid of him entirely.”
“Wait, what?” Chase squeaked.
“Oh, settle down. Not like that! He’s got over-protective parents. Why do you think he still has a job here?”
“I know why he still has a job here. And it’s nothing to do with protectiveness, it’s the money. They slipping you a bit extra too?”
“No! His parents give us a nice donation because they care about their son, despite his obvious issues, and want him to be happy.”
“Bet it makes you happy too,” Chase grumbled, folding his arms. He was done curbing his comments.
“And, if Frank goes out there and gets himself in some serious trouble; if he walks himself into a shootout or tries to arrest some criminal, or steps out of his police car before it stops, his parents might see how dangerous this kind of job is for someone like their son. Those same loving parents might actually pay us to fire him.”
“You want him to get hurt?”
“Or course not. Why do you think I sent him downstairs to get a vest? Of course, if he learns something, he’s going to bug everyone a whole lot less, break a whole lot less, and might become a passable cop. Either option would be fine with me. Of course, whichever one you actually manage to make work, that’s on you, McCain.”
“Thanks a lot.”
“Oh stop pouting. If you do a good job, I might consider putting you in charge of training the police dogs. I expect they’d be a walk in the park compared to Frank.”


Chase found Frank in the basement, at Ellie’s station. He was in front of a full-length mirror, trying on a bullet-proof vest. “So,” Frank said, whirling around. “How do I..”
“Frank, your fly!” said Chase. “How’d you… you haven’t even changed your pants.”
“Oh, whoops!” Frank turned around and put himself back together.
“Yeah, he got a bit excited and almost started stripping off before I told him all he needed was a shirt and the bullet proof vest,” Ellie said, stifling a giggle.
“Jeesh, I suppose at least he knows how to dress himself. Sorry about that…” Chase added, feeling the sudden urge to apologise for Frank. Making Ellie uncomfortable would be the last thing Frank would intentionally do, but doing so would also go completely over his head.
Ellie shrugged. “I don’t mind.”
“Er… good to know…”
“Listen, Chase, keep an eye on him. But don’t be too hard on him either.”
“Come on. Why would I…”
“You’re already all tense and irritated. I can tell.”
Chase grunted. It wasn’t just the thought of having to hang out with Frank for more than ten minutes that irritated him. His conversation with the Chief had him rattled. “The Chief is being a jerk. And not just because he’s making me babysit Frank. He wants me to teach him, and if I can’t, he… he’s just mad he can’t fire him…”
“Because of his parents?”
“Um, yeah… how’d you know?”
“People tell me things, sweetheart. But Frank isn’t as daft as he seems. Just be patient with him. He gets stuff right if you give him a chance. And he does look up to you. He’s going to be trying his best to impress you, so if you encourage him instead of making jokes at his expense, he might surprise you.”
“I don’t…”
“You do.”
Chase sighed. “Okay, I’ll try. Thanks, Ellie.”
Frank whirled around and spread his arms wide. “How do I look?” He’d replaced his dress jacket, shirt and tie, with a blue police shirt and bullet-proof vest. The vest did bulk him out a bit, and Frank was aware of it. He put his hands on his hips, and thrust out his chest.
Despite his mood, Chase had to supress a chuckle. “Speaking of trying to impress,” he said in a low voice.
“Hang on, sugar. Let me show you how to do up those buckles properly.” Ellie untwisted one of Franks straps on the vest, then redid it and tightened it.
Frank grinned at Chase. Whether it was his upcoming adventure, or simply Ellie’s proximity that excited him was hard to tell.
Chase drew a deep breath, and squared his shoulders. “Okay, Chase. You saved Lego City from a plummeting rocket. You can handle Frank Honey.”
The Guy Who Gets the Donuts - Chapter 1
Lego City Undercover Fanfiction~When Chase McCain gets stuck with Frank Honey as his partner, he tries to be nice. But when the younger officer’s incompetence puts them in danger Chase tells him he’s a bad cop. Frank decides to prove to his hero he isn’t useless.  

So, I've written this for my own entertainment, but I figured I'd post up the first chapter, and see if anyone was interested in reading. Let me know if you like and want me to post the rest of it, once I've finished writing it. :D

So I wrote and published a novel. You can find it here:

Check it out! :D


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